1. Prof Nagendra H R Advisor and Special Invitee
  2. Prof Subhash Sharma Advisor and Special Invitee
  3. Prof K B Akhilesh Advisor and Special Invitee
  4. Prof Vithal D Potdar Invited Member, Academics
  5. Mr. Sundar Rajan Invited Member, India Inc
  6. Mr. Nilanka Chatterjee Invited Member, Academics-cum-Industry
  7. Prof K C Mishra Principal, Sambhram Academy of Management Studies

This SAC will guide the SCIM for its growth to achieve its objectives keeping eyes at its vision and mission. In normal situations the Convener will be coordinating with all members of the SAC to get their advices on various activities of the Center. SAC Meetings shall be held every six month and such meetings should be convened by the Convener with specifying the detailed agenda of such meetings to the members