Research Theses on “Indian Management” at WISDOM (Women’s Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management), Banasthali University, Banasthali, Rajasthan
SL NO. Name of Research Candidates Name of Research Guide Research Topic
1 Ipshita Bansal Prof. Udai Pareek
Management Concepts in Ancient Indian Psycho- philosophic Thought and their Significance for Present Day Organizations
2 Neetu Jain Prof. Subhash
Indian Contribution to Management Thought: An Analytical Study of Jain Scriptures and Management Ideas.
3  Jaya Srivastava Prof. Ipshita
The Relevance of Gandhian Thought for Contemporary Management Systems
4 Aruna Das Gupta Prof. Subhash
Impact of Vivekananda’s Thoughts on Social and Corporate Trends and Behaviour: Ideas for Creating a Sacro-Civic World in Social Management

Pratima Verma

Prof. Subhash

Values Based Management: Perspectives from Indian Ethos, Modern Social and Spiritual Thinkers and Indian Management Scholars


Farah Naqvi

Prof. Subhash Sharma

A Study of Emotional Labour in the Education Industry Moderators and Outcomes


Sowmya C. S

Prof. Subhash Sharma

Crucible Transformational Chemistry of Leadership –An Empirical Study of   Leadership Development in  the IT Industry in India

8 Sumedha Dutta Prof. Neetu Jain Lord Krishna's Leadership and Holistic Values: Insights from Mahabharata
9 Gauri Anand Prof. Subhash
An Analytical Study of Contemporary Indian Spiritual Movements: Lessons for Corporate and Social Transformation
10 Priti Hingorani Prof. Ipshita

Mapping the Emotional Competencies of the Prominent Leaders of the 20th Century

11 Niharika Bajpai Prof. Ipshita
A Study on Gandhian Thought and Praxis: Insights for Managing Contemporary Organizations
12  Freda Swaminathan Prof. Ipshita

A Study on the Dimensions of Cultural Values in Contemporary Indian Advertising A Consumer Perspective

13 Nivedita Trivedi Prof. Ipshita
An Analytical Study of Buddhism for Future Directions in Contemporary Management Systems
14 Chandni Mehta Prof. Ipshita
A Study on Vivekananda’s Philosophy and Its Relevance in Contemporary Management Systems

Sadhvi Mehrotra

Profs. Subhash
Sharma &DivyaKirti

Character Competence of Indian Banking Sector: Conceptual Perspectives and an Empirical Study

16 Sowmya C.S. Prof. Subhash Sharma

Crucible Transformational Chemistry of Leadership – An Empirical Study of the Leadership Development in Indian IT Industry

17 Shruti D Prof. Subhash Sharma

Wisdom Leadership – An Empirical Study of Indian Women Managers

18 Hema D Prof. Subhash Sharma

A study of Corporate Governance in India: A Holistic Perspective

19 Pallavi Sharda Profs. Subhash Sharma &Munesh Chandra Trivedi A Study of Competitive Advantage  of IT Industry in India: An Empirical Study
20 Anju Kumar Prof. Subhash Sharma Talent Management System and Business Performance: An Empirical Study in the Indian IT Sector
21 Poonam Purohit Prof. Subhash Sharma New Management Thinking from India: An Exploratory Study on Indian Management and Its Future Directions

(Source: Doctoral Research Data Base from WISDOM: Women’s Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management, Banasthali University, Banasthali, Rajasthan,