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Student Governing Council & Clubs
Student Governing Council (SGC) :

The SGC is made up of students who work as representatives of their batch. They interact with the Program Managers (faculty) and students on a frequent basis.

Objectives :

  • To ensure that issues of relevance are communicated to all
  • To represent the batch
  • To operate as a bridge connecting the students and the management

Functions :

The main functions of the SGC include:

  • Handling both external events (fests) and internal activities (programs, hostel, mess)
  • The various clubs all work in tandem with the SGC. At least one member of the SGC is responsible for a club and later the club's activities are communicated to fellow SGC members
  • The coordination for fests in other colleges
  • The office bearers are the president, treasurer and secretary. The other SGC members will work with them in all activities


Student Clubs :

The School of Business encourages students to form and to participate in different clubs focusing on functional areas or specializations, and hobbies and cultural activities that enhance the knowledge of a student while providing opportunities to network.

Finance Club

Finance club aims to impart market knowledge, financial knowledge, and knowledge of current affairs to students. It makes arrangement for seminars conducted by faculty members and by industry professionals. It conducts quizzes and finance-related simulation games. It is proactive in organizing Mock Stock Games and special workshops on learning related to the trends in the domain of finance.

Marketing Club

It adds to marketing learning by bringing in education through fun. The student club designs, sponsors, and operates marketing outdoor activities, which include the best advertisement and poster designing competition, seminars and quizzes, and other marketing initiatives.

Organizational Leadership and Strategy Club

The aim of the club is to provide experiential learning that helps students in internalizing the concepts that are taught during the program. These are opportunities for students to experience various aspects of work life and learn to thread through the tight ropes of paradoxical situations at the work place, while experiencing the joy of working together. These activities are supplemented with quizzes, seminars, and other events related to the Organizational Leadership and Strategy (OB & HR) function.

Technology Club

Most innovative ideas in the business world involve the employment of technology. The club stands for innovation, and is the first club to initiate online events, while promoting the concept to go ‘green.’ It conducts an online simulated Stock Exchange Game where students play the role of investor.

Cultural and Sports Club

The Cultural and Sports Club helps students engage in fun on campus and brings out their extracurricular skills. Sports, indoor games, and dances are some of the activities that the club organizes to encourage students to demonstrate their talents. The club organizes the Fresher's Welcome, Farewells, as well as other celebrations related to religious festivals. The club aims to foster the uniqueness of Indian values and cultural diversity.