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BSc - Biotechnology / Microbiology / Chemistry

This combination help the students to learn technology involved in the microbial world as well as in other life sciences. It helps the students to get hands on experience on all the fields of life sciences. This course enables the students to be up dated on latest revolution in technology and equips him/ her with required skills and knowledge to assimilate in to the industry at ease.

Biotechnology is not limited to medical/health applications. We train the students at the root level to strengthen them and to be one of the perfect professionals. This field encompasses a wide range of procedures for modifying living organisms according to human purposes. We support all employment generating activities in the field of Biotechnology industry. SAMS provides an ambience with a package of guidelines to train and make the students very efficient and competitive.
Job Prospects
  • Research work (molecular biology/ cell biology and genetics labs or in plant, animal or microbial biotechnology lab/ Immunology Lab)
  • Horticulture (Mushroom cultivation)
  • Food science
  • Clinical research
  • Marketing
  • Quality control
  • Breeders (Aqua culture)
  • Forensic science (DNA finger printing)
  • Drug designing
  • Bioinformatics (Gene coding)
  • Immunology (Diagnostic kits (HCG kit, HIV kit, WIDAL kit etc.,)
  • Agriculture( Bio-fertilizer, vermi-composting)
  • Industry (SCP, Cheese, Butter, DSP)
  • Genetic Engineering (Recombinant DNA technology- production of recombinant proteins)
  • Animal biotechnology (IVF, Transgenic animal, cloning, Sericulture etc.,)
  • Environmental Biotechnology (GMO-oil eating microbes)