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Rules and Regulations of college
1. Campus rules

1.1. Dress code rules:
The student must comply with all dress standards and policies of the college. At Sambhram group institutions (SGI), students are required to wear proper attire and practice good business etiquettes.

1.2. Days to wear Corporate Dress/Uniform:
On those days of week as stipulated by Department/ Institutions of SGI and on occasions like training, seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Placement interviews, College day events, Fest Events, Examinations.

1.3. Prohibited Dress and Discipline code:
Men: Funky Jeans, Low waist Jeans, Low waist formal paints, T-Shirts, Printed T-Shirts, Half pants, Coloured and printed funky shirts, Cargo pants, six pockets wearing Chapples. Long Beard, Long and Uncut hair, wearing of Ear rings. Women: Mini Skits, T-Shirts with low Neck cut, Printed Funky shirts, shorts tops, Jeans, shorts, Sleeveless shirt/Tops, cargo pants, Six pockets, sleeveless Blouses, High heeled Shoes, Midis, Skin tight pants and the like, wearing chapels, etc.

1.4. Wearing and Display of ID cards:
Students have to wear the ID cards issued by the SGI throughout their stay in the campus. Entry to the campus will be allowed only on production of ID to the security agency at the Main gate.

1.5. Harassment and Ragging:
Harassment (Physical, verbal, graphic, written or electronic) or intimidation that is sufficiently severe, pervasive or persistent so as to threaten an individual or limit the ability of the student to work, study or participant in any activity is subject to suitable legal action. Ragging in any form is strictly banned. Persons indulging in this will be punished and imprisoned as per the rules of Supreme Court of India.

1.6. Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs and Gambling:
The use of illegal drugs and alcohol is not permitted in the campus as well as abuse or misuse of prescription drugs. Gambling contests or unauthorized games in the campus premises and in residential halls or at SGI sponsor functions are strictly prohibited.

1.7. Use of cell phones:
As a matter of strict policy, SGIs have banned use of mobile phones inside campus except in residential halls. Our faculty and security have been authorized to confiscate mobiles from students who are violating the rules. These mobiles will not be returned to the students. Students are strictly not permitted to carry IPods, MP3 Players, cameras or any other gadgets.

1.8. Unauthorized Possession:
theft or unauthorized possession of campus property or property of other students, faculty member or a visitor on campus premises is subject to prosecution, as per Indian Laws.

1.9. Dishonesty:
In non-academic SGI matters, dishonesty or knowingly furnishing false information is not acceptable. Fraud, forgery, alteration or unauthorized use of documents, SGI records or instruments of identification with intent to defraud or deceive is subject to legal action.

1.10. Tampering;
Tampering with campus telephones, access codes or falsely using telephones is unacceptable. This includes accessing the answering machines or voice mail of another student faculty member on campus.

1.11. Unauthorized soliciting and uses of SGI branding:
Unauthorized soliciting or canvassing by any individual, group or organization in college premises is strictly prohibited.

2. Hostel rules
2.1. Smoking, Drinking, Ragging, Use of information etc. are strictly prohibited.

2.2. Inmates are not permitted to bring guests to their rooms without prior permission from the principal/warden.

2.3. Students should take permission from warden before leaving hostel premises during off college hours.

2.4. Use of camera, cell phone with camera & electronics gadgets such as DVD players, stereo sets is prohibited.

2.5. Students should keep their money, ATM cards, calculators, cell phones & other valuable in safe custody.

3. Library rules

3.1. The library rules are introduced to regularize the use of the library’s resources and will be reviewed periodically to meet the changing needs.

3.2. This library follows Open Access System hence books taken out of the racks should not be put back on the racks. They should be left on the table instead.

3.3. The books are issued for a period of 15 days from the date of issue.

3.4. Before borrowing the book, the student must make sure that the book lent is in good condition and the page numbers are intact.

3.5. Reference books will be issued.

3.6. Students should not write or make any mark on any book / back volume / journals taken out for consultation of on loan.

3.7. Book Eligibility : PG Courses – 2 books.

3.8. The borrower shall be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the library documents borrowed by him / her. In case a book is lost by a student, the librarian should be informed immediately in writing. If the book cannot be traced within 2 weeks, the borrower will be asked to either replace such material or to pay 3 times the cost of the book.

3.9. If the book / resource form a part of a series / volume, the borrower will be charged for the replacement of the entire set. No appeal for any concession will be entertained.

3.10. The arrangement of chairs and other furniture in the reading room should not be disturbed.

3.11. Students wearing shorts, pyjams, night dresses, round neck and printed T Shirts etc., are not allowed inside the library.

3.12. All students of the library are requested to produce their smart card / ID card to the Library staff if required.

3.13. All students are requested to observe complete silence in side the library. If conversations become necessary, they should be in low tones only.

3.14. Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the library.

3.15. No user shall deface the library books by underlining, scribbling notes in the margins etc.

3.16. Library books are a nations assest and so belong to all. All users are required to protect library books against wanton and willful damage, mutilation, theft and other malpractices.

3.17. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any student found misbehaving abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.

3.18. Folders, files, personal and issued books etc., should be kept in the Security counter provided at the entrance. These should not be taken into the library.

3.19. Current journals are not issued for home reading.

3.20. Photocopying of full book is not permitted.